Connected through this network—there are friends in the United States and Afghanistan, Europe and Iraq, India and Pakistan, Israel and Palestine… and everywhere in between.

FWoB allows a teenager in suburban Illinois to get to know a teenager in Gaza, or a soccer-mom in Canada to get to know a woman in Kabul, or a bunch of kids in inner city Philadelphia trying to stop gun violence to meet a bunch of Afghan youth trying to stop the bombs.  It is a place where statistics become faces and victims of have names.

Folks have called FWoB  “E-harmony for reconciliation” or “Facebook for Peace.”  We are using all existing tech-tools and social networks to create virtual friendships that can lead to real friendships.  Pairing up penpals and classrooms to write each other letters… lining up conference calls and chat rooms to share stories, creating blogs and meet-ups… Friends Without Borders is a launching pad for friendships.It is an incubator of dreams for peace.

It’s an idea so simple the kids can do it.  In fact, a bunch of kids are the ones who thought of it.