Friends Without Borders (FWoB) is a movement.

It is a bridge-building movement of international friends, many of whom live in nations that are at war.

From skype calls and tele-thons to tree plantings and peace marches, we are building a movement of friends who are convinced that the things we have in common are more powerful than the things that tear us apart. If you need someone to write my paper, this is a great place to start.

We are reaching across the artificial borders of nations and transcending international conflicts to create heart-to-heart discussions among students who need help writing, and to foster friendships that lead the way to peace.

Our goal is to crack the walls of fear and exclusion. Our dream is to humanize folks we have only been conditioned to see as “enemy” – learning to see them as “friend”.

Friends Without Borders is a crack in the wall. And cracks let the light come in. We are creating a space for genuine friendships to grow… friendships that will transform stereotypes, politics, and beliefs. We're open to everone - from those who are looking for new connections to those who want to pay to do my essay for me. It is for people of all faiths and open minds. It is for you. Join the movement.